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Aztec Vision
This bargello is based on Margaret Boyles' "Interlocking Squares" design on pages 84-87 of her book, The Margaret Boyles Bargello Workbook: A Collection of Original Designs. (New York: Macmillan, 1976). I first used the copy at the main branch of the Riverside CA Public Library, but after some time I was able to buy my own copy for a mere five dollars. This book is very inspirational and worth seeking out. [This book is out of print, but you can often find it at libraries or used bookstores or order it here.]

Rose Windows Frame Around Simple Pattern
This is a rather nice pattern combination of rose window border with a lattice- work center that feature a shift between two sets of yarn with one set lighter than the other. Unfortunately the colors of peach and rose were not very flattering to each other. I keep it because I don't think anyone else can tolerate the colors (originally intended for my brother and his wife's peach and rose bedroom) . Also I like it because the pillow is one of the fluffiest and softest I've done (it's backed in a warm, soft pink flannel which is the side I usually rest my face on or back on when I use it).

Indian Flower Rug
This is my own design, an attempt to create an American Indian-type rug look. The outer frame bands echo the fringe of the rug. The inner frame is a simple one of a cross on two colors of red while the frame inside that is a dome-and-spires line pattern.
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