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Indian Flower Rug
This is my own design, an attempt to create an American Indian-type rug look. The outer frame bands echo the fringe of the rug. The inner frame is a simple one of a blue diamond on two colors of red while the frame inside that is a dome-and-spires line pattern. I worked the frames first and then sized the middle to fill it. You can create original patterns faster this way because you don't have to count the canvas and chart.

Flower Pots
The originality in this more traditional needlepoint piece is in the flowers, some of which I designed. The frame and the iris-like flowers are from a patttern called "French Flower Pots" on page 96 of Pauline Fischer and Anabel Lasker's Bargello Magic: How to Design Your Own. (New York: Hold, Rinehart, and Winston, 1972) shows four variations on this pattern (see pages 46 and 84). [It's out of print, but you can order it here from]

"Domes and Minarets"
This isn't a pattern I designed myself, but of course the colors I chose and the size, make the piece "an original." I don't recall the book I found this pattern it, but it is clearly one I don't own! My canvas, a small seven-count piece, is way to small for a big frame pattern like this. Still, the colors (all Needleloft yarns for plastic canvas) are striking. Update: I bought the book second hand now, but don't have it with me to give data just yet. The pattern is called "Domes and Minarets."

"Hearts and Diamonds"
This is another piece on seven-count plastic canvas in all Needleloft yarns. The pattern is "Hearts and Diamonds" from Elsa S. Williams' Bargello: Florentine Canvas Work. (New York: Reinhold, 1967). [It's out of print, but you can order it here from] William's version is show to the left. By manipulating the colors, you can shift attention from the hearts to the diamonds. In William's version to the right, the focus is more on the hearts than it is in mine, due to my decision to use light colors on the inside edges of the heart frame.

"Bargello Fish" by Karen Plater
This is not my own work or design, but this piece I found on the web by Karren Plater (copyrighted to Karen Plater) is so cool that I wanted it on my page. I may try to work this myself, but it really looks hard! The fish and shell border is so clever! I don't have this pattern, but you could easily work the main parts of the border, a variation on the ogee/oggee pattern. The use of the variagated thread here is very effective, sort of like shimmering fish scales. The corners I can't image how to work from the image, but in the center, one could do one's own sea plants, bubbles, and coral easily. The fish, again, I don't know how to do, but the background is an easy ripple.
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