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Detail of Beaded Bargello Necklace Left, detail of a beaded necklace that imitates bargello flamestitch. This necklace was worked by Tia Dalma and designed by Rebecca Peeples. See the full necklace and two others in a post by Dalma on the Beading Daily forum: "Peyote Stitch" Necklaces. The pattern is available for purchase with a video demonstrating how to assemble it on Bead and Button Magazine's website, "Mimic Fine Needlework with Peyote Stitch."

The beading website, Beadwrangler has several projects using bargello patterns.

  • The Bargello Bead Purse uses a pomogrante variation; there are photos of three finished purses.
  • The Bargello Pendant is made in the pomogrante shape, but the inside design is a four-way pattern.
  • The Brick Stitch Samples II: Diamonds page tells how to make simple beaded diamond shapes. The diamond is a traditional bargello pattern used either alone or in combination with hearts, circles, or as the base of a pomogrante or carnation.
Detail, Lisa Ring Wishbone Beaded Bargello Purse

Left, detail of "Wishbone" beaded purse designed by Lisa Ring. This is a traditional Florentine line pattern.

Lisa Ring's beading website, Lisa Ring Designs, features Four Beaded Bags with bargello patterns. The pattern or a full kit can be purchased. The "Laguna Moon" pattern has a bottom border made from a pattern that when worked vertically is often called "trellis" or "lattice" and worked to look like vines with blossoms or grapes on it. The "Peacock" bag, oddly, isn't in the peacock eye pattern, but rather a simple chevron pattern. The "Wishbone" pattern is a traditional Florentine pattern while "BINGO!" is deep boxes done in horizontal diamonds.

Odd Stuff in Bargello Patterns

Brown Flamestitch ZippoBlue Flamestitch ZippoZippo used to sell two lighters with flamestitch patterns: one gold and brown, the other silver and blue.
Marco Flamestich Vinyl Tablecloth Marco makes a vinyl tablecloth in a flamestitch pattern. You can buy it from the Food Service Warehouse.

"American Medallions Bargello," a pattern formally available on the web. This is a variation on the traditional type of pattern called "Carnations." "Medallions" are usually formed by flipping a frame-based pattern at the horizontal center of the canvas. The frame that is usually filled in with the same design then forms a larger shape and is usually filled in a unique way.
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