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An Original Variation of Deep Boxes by Cathy Decker
I gave this piece to my mom, and it was done in colors to match her recreational room. The frame of this Deep Boxes pillow was inspired by some of the frame patterns in The Margaret Boyles Bargello Workbook: A Collection of Original Designs. (New York: Macmillan, 1976). [It's out of print, but you can order it here from] The "Deep Boxes" pattern is found in lots of books including the following: Margaret Boyles, Bargello: An Explosion in Color. (New York: Macmillan, 1974), 53; Pauline Fischer and Anabel Lasker, Bargello Magic: How to Design Your Own. (New York: Hold, Rinehart, and Winston, 1972), page 80; and Elsa S. Williams, Bargello: Florentine Canvas Work. (New York: Reinhold, 1967), page 46.

The Same Pattern in Purples
This is another version of deep boxes in purples. I used to keep this in my living room, but a house guest fell so in love with it that she begged for it. Actually, the choice of the lighter purple for the centers of the alternate rows was not a good one--the deep effect is ruined because of the lightness of the color choice.

Green and Purple Diamonds
This pillow is a diamond lattice pattern filled in to try to create a sense of depth. It is related to the pattern "Deep Boxes." which you can see above. I used a pattern on pages 56-7 of Margaret Boyles' Bargello: An Explosion in Color. (New York: Macmillan, 1974. [It's out of print, but you can order it here from]
This small diamond pattern was called "candleflame" in the book I used, a book I don't own and don't have data on. It is the same as the pattern above, just smaller in scale. To see the "flame" effect, however, you have to put the pattern in the opposite direction than I prefer for the green and purple pillow. "Candleflame," "Lighted Diamonds," "Diamond Lattice," or "Chevron Trellis" (all names I've seen for this pattern) is a basic diamond pattern. I chose the colors based on a golden-barrel cactus that I have in a pale terracotta pot. I ran out of the peach yarn I was using for one level of the diamond and decide to just vary the center rows, rather than search for a good match. It's a interesting idea, but I'm not too thrilled overall with the final product--I think the pattern needs a frame to be more interesting. I've pretty much given up doing unframed patterns like this and use a basic four-way frame over at least four threads on just about every piece I do now.

"Chevron Trellis" from page 84 of
Amy Carroll, ed., The Pattern Library: Needlepoint. (New York: Ballantine, 1981).
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